Keeping Healthy – Guide For Men

What you can do to keep yourself healthy The following steps are recommended to help you live longer and live better: 1. Understand the “male approach” to health. The first step is to learn about common male feelings of fear, embarrassment, and above all, invincibility. Educate yourself about male health problems. Before you can help […]

Stress Management – Is it important?

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Stress management Stress management is important. Other than that pounding headache, stress can affect almost every part of your body. However, Mens Clinic International is aware this has significant short and long term effects. Stress is the reaction of the mind and body to a stressor. Consequently this includes any event, which is powerful enough […]

Prostate Cancer – a common cancer in men

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Prostate cancer is a malignancy that develops in the prostate gland, a gland that is important for the proper function of the male reproductive tract.Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men. It affects about one in five men during the course of a lifetime. Although incidence increases with age, this cancer can […]

The Mysterious G Spot – How to find it?

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The mysterious G Spot History Drs. John Perry and Beverly Whipple named the mysterious “G-spot” in honour of Ernst Grafenberg. Grafenberg was a German physician who, in the 1950s, wrote an article that mentioned the G=spot. He stated that there was an erotic zone on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of […]

Welcome to Mens Clinic International

Welcome to Mens Clinic International. Of all the conditions men face, sexual problems are the most personal. Although they are very common, they are not inevitable or permanent, and today there are many modern treatments available.No matter how long a man has been experiencing a problem, it can be treated successfully. Therefore the purpose of […]