Weak Erection Treatment Options

There are many weak erection treatment options available, depending upon the cause of weak erections. Weak erections are also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction.If psychological impotence is the problem, a physician may recommend a qualified psychologist or counselor. Counseling can be successful, particularly when both partners participate and talk openly about the problem. Some doctors recommend special exercises which emphasize tenderness and enjoyment rather than performance. Some cases require stress management exercises. The impotence may disappear when the partners learn that physical impotence is not the cause…Medication can sometimes treat impotence caused by hormonal imbalance. Drugs taken for other conditions can cause impotence. If so, your doctor may be able to prescribe an alternative drug. It is important not to reduce or change any medication without first obtaining permission from your physician.In men with diabetes, poor blood sugar control may contribute to or increase the risk of impotence. Because of this, diet, medication and exercise are very important.Impotence that results from permanent damage to the blood vessels or nerves can also be treated. Options include vacuum devices, injection therapy, vascular surgery or a penile implant.Currently, there are a number of options that have proven to be appropriate treatments for impotence. Your doctor can help you select the best course of treatment from among the following:

Professional Counselling

Because impotence can sometimes result from a combination of psychological and  physical factors, counseling may help reduce anxiety and overcome the condition.  The doctor may reccomend counselling in combination with other treatments.

Hormone Treatments

Abnormal levels of sex hormones like testosterone, prolactin, and estrogen cause a small percentage of impotence cases. There are medications that can restore this balance.

Vacuum Devices

Firstly the penis is placed in a hollow plastic chamber.  Secondly air is pumped out of the chamber.  This creates a vacuum, which draws blood into the penis to cause an erection.  Thirdly a firm rubber band is then transferred from outside of the chamber to the base of the penis.  Finally the blood remains trapped in the penis.Unfortunately, the penis is only rigid beyond the band, resulting in a ‘floppy’ erection, which tends to hang downwards.  The rubber band can stop ejaculation. In addition it usually it becomes uncomfortable after 20 to 30 minutes.Vacuum erection devices avoid surgery. They are inexpensive. Vacuum erection devices are unpopular because the rubber band is unsightly and the devices are so mechanical and cumbersome. For many people they take much of the pleasure away from sexual activities

Injection Therapy

Self-injection techniques have been successfully used for over 15 years in tens of thousands of men with erectile dysfunction. Mens Clinic International currently uses a combination of medicines, which combine to work as a low volume, safe and effective treatment. Over 90% of cases respond to this form of therapy. The injection technique has now become extremely simple and convenient thanks to new automatic injector devices. People are often concerned about the loss of spontaneity with having to inject themselves just prior to intercourse. However, by using the automatic injection device it is no more of a detraction from the mood then rolling on a condom. The medication dilates the blood vessels of the penis thereby increasing blood flow into the penis and causing an erection. The erection usually develops 5 to 20 minutes after injecting and often remains for a period of time after you have ejaculated. Adjusting the proportions and quantities of the various medicines achieves this. There are no known side effects on the rest of the body

Transurethral Suppositories

This treatment involves the insertion of a hollow plastic applicator, which contains a suppository of a vasodialator, about 1 inch into the urethra of the penis.  The surrounding tissue absorbs the drug. The corpus spongiosum is the name for the surrounding tissue. The drug relaxes the smooth muscle within the penis. This action allows blood to enter and become trapped in the penis causing an erection.

Oral medication

Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5inhibitors are a group of medications most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction.  Men of all ages may take it, usually one hour before intercourse. Some PDE5 inhibitors work rapidly, between 16 and 25 minutes and are also effective in most men presenting with erectile dysfunction. Other PDE5 inhibitors restore the ability to get an erection for a longer period, thus freeing the patient from the constraints of having to plan sexual activity. Increased bloodflow to the penis causes the erection. These tablets act by relaxing the smooth muscle in the penis, which in turn allows the blood to flow into the penis more freely, thereby inducing an erection. Men taking medications containing nitrates, usually prescribed for heart problems such as Angina can not use these tablets, as it could cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. The same is true for men using recreational drugs e.g. “Poppers”. Common side effects experienced are headaches and flushing of the skin and less commonly a blocked nose, indigestion, visual disturbances and a prolonged erection. Unlike self-injection therapy, which gives a spontaneous erection, you will need sexual stimulation for these tablets to work.  Alcohol or a heavy meal will impair the effect.  It does not work for premature ejaculation and will be effective in about 50% of erectile dysfunction cases.


Patients with blood-flow problems may require surgery. Injuries of the pelvic area cause blood flow problems. Vascular blockages can also cause erectile dysfunction. Surgery is used to treat these blockages.

Penile Prosthesis

Weak erection treatment options like penile prosthesis involve the surgical placement of a stationary or movable device into the two sides of the penis, allowing erections as often as desired. These implants come in three forms: self-contained inflatable, self-contained mechanical, and semirigid rods. This treatment is a last resort.In conclusion there are a number of options available for the treatment of impotence. Always make the decision with proper medical help. Mens Clinic International, staffed by medical doctors specialising in the treatment of impotence, offers a range of treatments and counseling where appropriate. Privacy and discretion are paramount.  A full medical workup is performed. Thereafter a clinical diagnosis is made. The important thing to remember is that weak erection treatment options are available for men with impotence.

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