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“A Franchise Opportunity that is hard to miss”
Mens Clinic International (MCI) was founded in 1996. MCI is the largest male sexual health group in South Africa. Moreover there are 116 individual clinics situated across South Africa. The company employs over 250 staff and contracts the service of over 50 medical doctors. A separate franchising department was established in 2014. This was as a result of unprecidented interest in Mens Clinic Franchises.

International Clinic Management Services

The franchise holding company, International Clinic Management Services (ICMS) is rapidly expanding into Africa and the Middle Eastern Countries. ICMS has sold franchises in countries such as; Botswana, Lesotho , Swaziland , Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In addition other worldwide affiliated branches include Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

A health journey like this isn’t something you do alone and International Clinic management Services has grown around the world by choosing partners that reflect our core values, ones that we know will treasure the Mens Clinic International brand in the same way that we do. Obviously we also choose partners who have access to financial resources. In addition this franchise requires a substantial effort. The health industry demands this.

Business Model

The business model is simple. Any business driven individual with entrepreneurial skills should be able to successfully run Mens Clinic Franchises within any African or Middle Eastern Countries.

In addition our intensive training course will cover all the business, administrative and medical aspects regarding the day to day operation and management of the business. The business allows for a low initial start up cost and with a high potential income for a business driven individuals.

Finally, a medical background is not required. However we work best with individuals or consortiums, that have an intimate understanding of their markets. Likewise, the most successful candisates are individuals that surround themselves with a network of passionate and hard-working people. Most importantly, any prospective franchisee must love Mens Health.

Mens Clinic International

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For further Information contact:

Mens Clinic International

Head office address (Randburg )
16 Republic Road, Bordeaux 2194
Telephone: +27 11 523 5046
Fax: +27 11 523 52 76

In conclusion Men’s Clinic International deals with any sexual problems that are related to Weak Erections, Early Ejaculation, Low Libido, STIs or Circumcision. Do get in touch with us to book a consultation with our professional doctors who specialise in Men’s Sexual Health.

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