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Men Want To Be Good Lovers

Most men want to be good lovers. This one should go without saying, but there are a surprising number of people out there who don’t care about their partner’s experience. Even if you’re just in a casual sexual relationship with someone who has a vulva, you should still be invested in their pleasure. It should feel good […]

What is sexual performance anxiety?

As a guy who is about to get it on with a new partner, there is a time when you feel anxious before sex. Has it ever happened to you? It is common for men to feel nervous, anxious or uncomfortable before and during sexual activity. It is a common problem that’s known as sexual […]


It happens to the most virile of men: he gets a droopy noodle. Either the big guy won’t get up, or he seems to get up reluctantly and unsteady in a half-hearted sort of erection. A weak erection is nothing to be casual about, and a man has many ways he can fix it. However, […]

Penis health creams – What to look for?

Penis Health Creams Mens Clinic International helps men who have sexual health problems. The doctors from Mens Clinic International are medically trained. They treat patients who have penis function issues. When it comes to sexual health, preventing penis problems is an important issue. This should top the list of men’s priorities. While most men are […]

Plus Size Men Sex Tips

Introduction Men come in different shapes, weights and sizes. Sometimes men who have a larger frame need few minor sex tips. These tips help plus size men to make their sexual adventure a bit more satisfying. A plus size man faces a lot of obstacles when it comes to making love. Some of the challenges […]

Recovery Tips From A Wild Weekend

After this past long weekend of the 16th December, we saw it appropriate to write this hangover recovery tips for you. People are walking with long faces as the festive fever has finally caught up with them. December is the time some people to go on holidays, relax or explore the world. There are some […]