Plus Size Men Sex Tips


Men come in different shapes, weights and sizes. Sometimes men who have a larger frame need few minor sex tips. These tips help plus size men to make their sexual adventure a bit more satisfying. A plus size man faces a lot of obstacles when it comes to making love. Some of the challenges is being stuck with one position, appearing smaller than the average Joe. The frustration is endless, although it also applies to men of any size and weight. There are a few pointers that men with extra weight need to remember to enjoy great sex.

Penis size and appearance

The penis may appear a bit smaller for some plus size men. When we take a closer look at the function and quality, it is absolutely true that penis size is over glorified. You don’t have to dwell too much on the penis size. Most men have a penis that is of sufficient size to provide great satisfaction to both him and his partner. As long as it can get in, make its presence known, its job will be done.

It is true that in some overweight gentlemen the penis appears smaller. This is due to excess abdominal fat that hides a small portion of the shaft where it meets the body. If you are bothered by the fact that your organ is not the length you desires, then you might try shaving the crotch. Removing the hair from your groin has the effect of making your sex organ appear larger. However its true size remains unchanged.

The need for strength

As a man who has weight issues, you need to work on your upper body strength. You might be wondering why you need upper body strength. The man needs to make sure he can support his weight. Especially if him and his partner tend to favor sex positions in which the man is on top. The partner will be much more comfortable if he/she does not have to bear too much pressure from above. It is very unpleasant to have a heavy person on top of you and all you can think of is “when does this ends?”. Sex won’t be enjoyable even if it was good. Your partner’s mind was focusing on the heavy load not the pleasure. There are plenty of simple at-home exercises to help you work on your upper body strength. For example push-ups that you can do without requiring gym machines.

Ever been in a situation where it can’t go in the way you want it to. Like there is something blocking, the position you want to attempt isn’t working. Ever thought of maybe adding some pillows to raise her back? It can be easier for you to enter without your belly blocking the way? The missionary position may easily be accomplished if a pillow is added beneath the partner’s buttocks. This will put her in a position where point of entry will easily be achieved. When she is raised a bit, it creates an angle at which ample lovers may achieve penetration more easily.

Consider other positions

Have you considered other positions? Sex tips for plus size men often come down to simply, “What is the best position for the situation?” For many larger men, placing the woman on top to do all the work is a better option. This may become an issue when the male’s stomach drops down a bit too far into the crotch, covering part of the penis. In such a case, using a pillow might be a good idea by raising your crotch higher. The excess abdominal fat around the middle moves back, allowing greater ease of access to the rod. Doggie style is also a very popular position for plus size men. There are numerous others to consider. For example the flying V. This is basically the missionary position but with the woman’s legs lifted up. As a result her feet or calves placed on the man’s shoulders.

The key for plus size lovers is to take into consideration:

  • one’s weight
  • the manner in which it is positioned on the body
  • one’s strength
  • one’s mobility and to seek out positions that work best in different circumstances.


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