Valentines Day Ideas for Couples

Valentines Day Ideas

Since January there has been a lot of buzz on social media about a fictional #Mensconference, which is scheduled to happen from the 13 to 15 February. All men in the country have been invited. In addition we hear talk that this event was organized by Mens Clinic International. We have no association or planning on organizing a conference for men.

It is a great idea, to get all men in one place and talk about everything that is related to men’s health. However, you can visit any of your nearest Mens Clinic International if you are experiencing problems sexually and are in need of professional help. You don’t have to run away from your partners. Visit us and you will never again have an excuse to go to some imaginary #mensconference2019.

It is the month of love and the perfect time to rekindle that spark in your relationship. You work very hard all year and sometimes you just don’t get the time or energy for a fancy date night with your partner. Valentine’s Day can be a reminder for anyone to take a few hours off, and spend some much needed quality time with their life partner. If you knock off late each and every day at work, make an effort this month to do something special with your partner. Have that Work/Life balance and make sure that you don’t neglect your relationship. You don’t have to do anything fancy if you’re on a low budget or bored of the usual date night. We have listed a few ways you can have an unconditional at-home Valentine’s Day celebration that both of you would appreciate.

1. The binge watching couples…

Having an intimate time with your partner doesn’t necessarily need to include a sexy dress and a suit. If it’s just the two of you for that night, both of you can snug into pj’s, jump on a couch and wrap yourselves with a light blanket as this rainy weather allows it and cuddle to watch your favorite romantic movie or binge watch your favorite TV shows. Your partner shouldn’t put on those granny pj’s that she wears when she is angry at you. The most important thing about doing this together is that it gives you a chance to blow off some steam by laughing together. Just by spending time together you would have had the best Valentine’s Day ever.

2. Valentines Day Ideas for the couple who want a fancy night in…

When was the last time you did something together? This is the chance to cook a meal together for your special fancy home date. Make a shopping list of the items you will need to cook a perfect meal for the both of you. When you cook together this gives you an opportunity to bond.

This will result in you spending some quality time together. You need to prep your dinner table with those nicest dinner set that you have stored away for visitors. Add some candles and dim the lights. Once done cooking, go get dressed in separate rooms. You need to recreate that element of surprise. The lady needs to put on her sexiest dress and the man too should wear something nice. Make this day seem like you are doing this for the first time. By the end of the night, you would declare it the best Valentine’s Day ever.

3. The stressed out couple

For the working couple, having time for each other seems so difficult. A typical scenario is when you are both working 8 hours each day and when you come back late you’re both tired and the only thing you can do is cook, check the kids’ homework, prepare bath for them and then go to bed. All week sitting at the offices, your necks and backs have been slowly tensing up. To celebrate the month of love, take turns and give each other a nice massage. This can be both relaxing and very sexy. Afterwards, you could take a warm bath together. To loosen up your bodies, lay there for an hour or two releasing all the tension and anxiety.

There is so much that you can do during this month of love with your partner which doesn’t include spending on gifts.

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