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Ways a Man Can Make It Bigger

All men want a bigger, harder, firmer and longer penis. Whether it’s locker room competitions or male porn star comparisons, some men just aren’t happy with the size of their penis. This fixation is reaching such heights that cosmetic procedures for men have increased over the last decade alone. Penis size has become a big […]


The tobacco industry works hard to make smoking seem sexy. Companies have long used sexual themes in tobacco advertising as a strategy for increasing the overall appeal of their products. Unfortunately for tobacco companies, reality isn’t on their side. Far from sexy, smoking can negatively affect a person’s sex life in big ways. Here are […]


Introduction Men have traditionally been viewed as the breadwinners. The ones considered to be best equipped to navigate the challenges and competition of the workplace. Mental health issues in the workplace are more difficult to acknowledge and address than physical ailments, but the symptoms and the impact on our lives are just as real. Mental […]

Testicles – Getting to know your testicles

When a man faces penis problems anything from penis redness and irritation to itching or having trouble getting it up, that’s when he start to think of getting help. Furthermore, when it comes to issues with the testicles, the situation is a bit different. When it comes to regular penis care, men tend to overlook […]

Gender Based Violence – What are you doing!!!

Gender Based Violence The past few weeks have to be one of the worst periods our post-apartheid state has been through. The South African society has gone through turmoil and upheaval due to gender based violence that has torn through our society and I hope that there will be a change in the country that […]

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation Men who are more concerned about their sexual health are performing exercises to take action to fix the problems that make their sexual performance unsatisfactory. When talking about sexual health and performance, premature ejaculation comes up frequently. Taking the cost effective steps to control ejaculatory issues is an important part of […]

Delayed Ejaculation – What Is The Cause?

Introduction What is delayed ejaculation? Many men worry about premature ejaculation, as it affects their sexual experience and ruins their relationships if left unresolved. The biggest stress of premature ejaculation is when you try to make love to your partner and in just a ‘few seconds’ you had already ejaculated. Poof, gone in 60 seconds… […]

Condoms – The Best Way To Avoid Breaking

Condoms…. Not to spoil the fun, but if you’re sexually active, you should be concerned about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). More than half of the people are likely to have STI at some point in their lives. Although some STIs are curable, some aren’t and you could be left managing the infection for the rest […]