Ways a Man Can Make It Bigger

All men want a bigger, harder, firmer and longer penis. Whether it’s locker room competitions or male porn star comparisons, some men just aren’t happy with the size of their penis. This fixation is reaching such heights that cosmetic procedures for men have increased over the last decade alone. Penis size has become a big deal. So it begs the question, “What can a man do to make his penis bigger?”

The P-shot

The Priapus shot is the first way a man can make it bigger. Dr Charles Runnels created the Priapus shot, or P-shot for short. Is a procedure that takes under 20 minutes to do, only require a local anesthetic, and is virtually painless. The procedure starts with withdrawing blood from the patient. Spinning the blood through a centrifuge produces the platelet-rich plasma. The resultant plasma has the growth factors. The plasma is then injected to the penis in a few special places and BOOM, you’re done! The P-shot is reported to increase penis size by between 10 and 20% and increase blood flow, which results in a harder erection. The growth factors that are injected into the penis grow new tissue and blood vessels, therefore making the penis bigger and harder. This procedure is available at Mens Clinic International.


The second way a man can make it bigger is the scrotox procedure. The scrotox is a procedure to make your testicles bigger by shooting Botox into the scrotum. Botox Cosmetic is an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer. It’s a procedure that makes the testicles look bigger. Besides looking bigger, it keeps them from sweating since it pulls them closer to the skin, and it makes the entire area look younger since it peps them up instead of letting them sag. How does it help penis size? The testicles pull the penis up making an energetic look instead of the old man sag. Scrotox only lasts about four months, so if a man wants to keep his youthful testicles, he’ll need to have a couple of shots each year.

The Penis Implant

The third way a man can make it bigger is with a penis implant. There are two kinds of penis implants; one penis implant is for men with erectile dysfunction, and the other is strictly for aesthetic purposes. Here, we’ll focus on the aesthetic only. However, not everyone can get the implant. If a man has diabetes, takes a blood thinner, or is uncircumcised, the implant option is out.

What is it? The implant is a silicone sheath that wraps around the shaft of the penis to make it 2.5 to four centimeters wider and longer. The implant was invented in 2003. Since then only one doctor, Dr James Elist, a urologist and plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, does the surgery. He has performed over 1,300 experimental operations, with what he says is a 95 per cent satisfaction rate. He is waiting for final FDA approval so he can license his product globally, so men around the world will go from having a small one to having a big one. If and when that happens, the penis implant will be the next big thing.

No matter what a man’s penis size, he needs to take special care of his penis, so it remains healthy, strong, and sensitive until he hits the pearly gates.

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