Delayed Ejaculation – What Is The Cause?


What is delayed ejaculation? Many men worry about premature ejaculation, as it affects their sexual experience and ruins their relationships if left unresolved. The biggest stress of premature ejaculation is when you try to make love to your partner and in just a ‘few seconds’ you had already ejaculated. Poof, gone in 60 seconds… Leaving your partner very disappointed. She still wants more. It is a fact that many men worry about premature ejaculation so badly that they end up not having sex at all. Premature ejaculation happens to the inexperienced and those who take time without getting some action.

It might come at a surprise that there are some men who are having a hard time ejaculating. And you probably thought your sexual experience was the worst because you can’t last half a second. Indeed, many guys think that being able to have sex for an extended period of time is something to strive for. Delayed ejaculation is often viewed as a “what are you complaining about, buddy?” situation. But it is a legitimate penis health issue, one that causes hardship for those who suffer from it.

Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation also called impaired or retarded ejaculation. It occurs when it takes an extended period (usually defined as 30 minutes or more) of sustained sexual stimulation in order for a man to ejaculate. The word “SUSTAINED” is key here; men who stop-and-start the stimulation are delaying ejaculation on purpose and are controlling the delay. This is the trick to deal with premature or early ejaculation. In actual delayed ejaculation the man takes longer to ejaculate with continuous penetration and it is beyond his control. It just doesn’t obey your command. This happens no matter how turned on you are.


Sometimes, the issue occurs only when a man is engaged in partner sex. When he masturbates, he is able to ejaculate during a typical time frame. Sometimes, the delay occurs both when masturbating and having sex, while much more rarely, it occurs only when masturbating but not when having sex with a partner. When does it happen with you and for how long do you normally last?

Delayed ejaculation is a lifelong problem for some men, while for others it is temporary or happens on the second round or when under the influence of alcohol. This issue can happen to any sexually active men regardless of age, although it is more associated with men as they age, so a person may develop this issue as he gets older. So as you work on resolving premature ejaculation, you need to be aware that you are also inviting delayed ejaculation. Some women do enjoy it when you take longer but then they also get dry along the way making it very uncomfortable for them when you take way too long to finish. As a tip: try to add some lubricant and change positions as many times as you could so that you don’t get tired or develop muscle strains.

There are numerous factors that cause or contribute to delayed ejaculation, which are:

– Stress. Stress in other parts of one’s life may affect one’s bedroom activities. But sometimes a man may stress about needing to be a better lover, and this may in turn lead to an inability to ejaculate without extreme effort. Depression can also be a key cause. Resolve all issues that are causing you stress or depression.

– Medications. Certain drugs, such as some beta blockers, antipsychotics, antidepressants, diuretics and anti-seizure treatments, may create penis function complications. Read the side-effects label or ask your doctor about the medications you are using and their connection to your delayed ejaculation.

– Penis issues. A urinary tract infection, damage to penile nerves or prostate surgery can have an impact.

– Medical conditions. Diabetes, neurological disorders and thyroid disorders can be possible culprits. Get yourself checked for any possible disorders.

– Aging. As men get older, they often find that the penis simply doesn’t respond as it once did. The desired result requires a more focused stimulation.


Treatment depends upon the underlying causes. Switching medications, managing medical conditions and developing ways to deal with stress or depression can help. Working with a therapist to reconcile one’s actions with one’s beliefs may be needed.

Often, consulting a Mens Clinic International professional doctor may be helpful. And if greater or different stimulation is required, involving one’s partner can be useful so that strategies can be developed (e.g., use of lubricant, implementation of erotic games, greater reliance on stimulation by hand, etc.) that will address the man’s needs while including his partner.

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