Ensuring Good Penis Health After Circumcision


Circumcision is one of the oldest surgical procedures. It has been practiced for over a thousand years. In addition circumcision is done for cultural, religious, social or medical reasons. Whatever reason leads a man to having a circumcision done, it is very important that he pays very close attention to ensuring good penis health after the circumcision. After the procedure a man needs to take good care of himself, more especially if he wants to maintain his sensation and have a healthy penis for the rest of his life.

The tips we are sharing below apply to the majority of circumcision cases; when a guy has a more complicated case or other surgical procedures done in addition to circumcision, he might want to take these tips with a skeptical approach. What matters most is following the health care professional’s directions for recovery exactly as instructed. And when in doubt, you need to go back to the same clinic you did the circumcision to get clarity. Never hesitate to contact your health care professional or seek medical treatment based on what you are about to read.

Pursuing an uneventful circumcision recovery

For most men, circumcision can take well under an hour. If there are medical problems, such as a too-tight foreskin or infection, those problems can begin to resolve almost immediately and ensuring good penis health upon completion of the procedure. Here’s what to expect from a routine recovery:

1. Expect serious bruising and swelling.

This is typical of any surgery, not just one done on the penis. In fact, the bruising after surgery can be quite shocking. Don’t be alarmed if it appears that the entire manhood is covered in bruised splotches. This will go away over a matter of weeks.

2. Use the pain medication.

Though there isn’t significant pain associated with a circumcision, there is still some discomfort. Use the prescribed painkillers. Don’t be surprised if they are only necessary for a few days. However, many men are surprised at how quickly the pain goes away.

3. Take care with urination.

Yes, it’s probably going to hurt when a guy pees after the circumcision. To alleviate this, he can drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and dilute the urine. He can also apply a bit of petroleum jelly to the tip of the penis before and after he urinates, to help keep the acidity away from the more sensitive areas.

4. Avoid certain activities and movement.

It’s important to give the penis ample time to heal. This means all sexual activity is off-limits for at least 6 weeks which also includes masturbation.

Do not:

  • Let the penis bump into anything
  • Suffer any sort of trauma
  • Handle the penis roughly

That means avoiding contact sports and wearing underwear that holds the penis tightly, to avoid the natural side-to-side movement when he walks around.

5. Use only what the doctor prescribes.

It might be tempting to use natural oils, creams and the like when the penis is healing. This is never a good idea. Use only the crèmes the doctor suggest during those first few weeks, as the use of anything else could interfere with healing.

6. Try to avoid erections.

That means you need to avoid porn videos or day dreaming about sex. You also want to try to avoid night-time erections, though this is understandably impossible to eliminate completely. A few tips include ensuring the bladder is always as empty as possible, which might mean getting up a few times at night to urinate. Lying on your side in a fetal position can also help a guy alleviate some of the erections he might get at night.

Finally, remember to keep all doctors’ appointments. If anything about the circumcision feels painful, get in touch with the health care professional immediately.

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