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Mistakes Men Make About Sex

It is very clear that we all started with the basic acts. As we mature we learned a few tricks to spice it up. The experiences you picked along the way have taught you what works and what doesn’t. It has been trial and error. With all that training and knowledge, sometimes men make mistakes […]

Older guys are also at risk of STIs

Traditionally, the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has been more of a young man’s problem. Older guys are also at risk of STIs. Sometimes older guys may not be as knowledgeable about STIs or about proper penis protection. At other times, when young bodies are full of raging hormones, a young guy may throw […]

Penis sensitivity – Finding your way back

Penis sensitivity or penile nerve damage usually doesn’t happen overnight, but it can feel like it. One day a man’s penis is super-sensitive and reacts to a cool breeze. Not far into the future, he is feeling numb, and nothing can make his penis grow. Other men experience the freeze or fire of neuropathy. The […]

Perceived ejaculation volume reduction

What is Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction? Instead of the enthusiastic firehose of his youth, a man may find himself moving to a spurting trickle when it comes to ejaculation. What once was a thunderous tremor through the body upon orgasm is now a meek and mild jerk without a lot of fanfare or fireworks. When […]

Poor Lifestyle Choices Vs Sexual Health

The most sensitive part of a man is his private parts. As a man you need to put on extra security to protect your most valuable asset against poor lifestyle choices. A simple misplaced blow to the genital area can lead to you writhing in agony. Guys who play soccer are mostly familiar with the […]

The Best Tips For A Hairless Experience

These are best tips for a hairless experience so its is time to grab the machetes, boys! The pubic jungle needs to be whacked off. It’s time to join the hairless crotch gang. Is there anyone who knows where it all began? Now more than ever more men are opting to abolish their short and […]

Ensuring Good Penis Health After Circumcision

Introduction Circumcision is one of the oldest surgical procedures. It has been practiced for over a thousand years. In addition circumcision is done for cultural, religious, social or medical reasons. Whatever reason leads a man to having a circumcision done, it is very important that he pays very close attention to ensuring good penis health […]

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Introduction Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, but it’s tough to have fun if you’re experiencing sexual performance anxiety. We get a lot of questions from our fellow friends in our Facebook group who are having sexual problems with their partners. It is a real struggle that every man goes through. Since this is a […]

Does Smoking Kill Your Sex Drive?

Introduction Does smoking kill your sex drive? South Africa has legalised dagga. People were in celebration when this was announced. Now you can smoke dagga legally. It is such great news for dagga smokers. Do you understand what that means to you as a dagga smoker? Dagga is used for medicinal purposes, so they say. […]