Poor Lifestyle Choices Vs Sexual Health

The most sensitive part of a man is his private parts. As a man you need to put on extra security to protect your most valuable asset against poor lifestyle choices. A simple misplaced blow to the genital area can lead to you writhing in agony. Guys who play soccer are mostly familiar with the pain from a soccer ball that has hit the boys downstairs. Although, sometimes the simple daily choices that men make can lead to poor sexual function and in some cases, fertility could be impaired. All men need to be aware of the poor lifestyle choices that affect their sexual performance and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Clothing Choices.

Fashionable tight, restrictive clothing can limit circulation to the area, meaning that less blood is available to nourish the penile tissue. As a result a loss of sensitivity and even erectile dysfunction can result from wearing too-tight clothing. Fashion is fashion right, we all want to look handsome in the clothing we put on but the tight skinny fit are killing the little swimmers. To produce healthy sperm, the temperature on your body should be normalized by wearing loose underwear and pants. Your balls need room to dangle with air moving around and the blood flowing. Men need to provide an environment that is all-around healthier for the penis to produce healthy sperm and good sexual performance.

2. Too Much Hot Water.

Sperm-killing heat doesn’t just originate inside a guy’s closet. Men who frequently spend time in bathtubs and hot tubs filled with hot water are at risk of exposing the little swimmers to killer temperature. To add on this, hot water can lead to a very dry skin. Bathing frequently at high temperatures can lead to sore, stressed penis that may shy away from any intimate contact. To avoid these problems stay away from too much heat and bath/shower with warm water.

3. Toxins in the Blood.

Everything a man puts into his body, including alcohol, tobacco, and other damaging substances, can affect both penis function and fertility levels. Alcohol, in particular, can put a limitation on performance, especially when it is consumed in excess. Smoking cigarettes or using other forms of tobacco can cause serious damage to the nerve tissue, as well as inhibiting sperm production and sperm health. It is hard to quit any of these but you need to try to have a consumption limit.

4. Weight Concerns.

Firstly, excess weight can affect penis function in numerous ways. Men who are overweight are prone to poor circulation, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes can experience problems such as loss of penis sensation, inability to perform, and even low fertility rates. Exercising and losing weight can improve a man’s health in a variety of aspects. Nearly all men who begin to increase their overall fitness level can expect to see a corresponding improvement in the performance department.

5. Poor Nutrition.

Firstly, you need to eat diets that are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein to produce healthy seeds. Obviously, this means more than slap chips, magwinya and beer. Secondly, loading up the plate with healthier options can provide the body with the raw materials required. Sometimes a guy might not see a change on the outside, his body might quickly tell the difference. Eating healthy foods reduces your risk of common vascular problems caused by high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high triglyceride levels, and being overweight.

Nutrition can also be a vital part of keeping the penile skin healthy. If the equipment is well nourished, it is more likely to be able to fight off diseases. Smooth, supple penis skin is much more capable of experiencing pleasurable sensations, plus it just looks and feels more attractive.

In conclusion, the road to a better and healthier sexual experience starts with making good lifestyle choices. This will benefit you and your partner. You can enjoy alcohol but know your limits. Watch your weight and wear pants and underwear that are comfortable and allows room for your kids to play freely. Take warm showers after your gym sessions and less sauna. Have a diet plan that you can afford and is easy to follow.

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