What Exactly is Cheating?


Every man get an occasional itch in his pants due to rashes, sweat, skin irritants and other physical issues. This is occasionally cleared by a little TLC (Tender loving care). But then what about that other kind of itchiness: the one that aches to indulge in a little outside-the-relationship exploration? How does one precisely define cheating? This type of situation goes beyond a guy typically keeping his manhood active; it goes deeper into the hearts of a couple’s relationship. It is a topic men need to think carefully about before engaging. We ask the question, what exactly is cheating?

1) Is it biological?

Is it in a man’s genes to actually cheat on their partner? Some people theorize that a man’s desire to expand his sexual relationships beyond traditional monogamy is biological. According to this argument a man is made to have more than one sexual partner. It woukd be in the best interests of the species to propagate and create as many children as possible. In order to make this theory possible, it would mean men have a higher sex drive. Consequently they form less stringent attachments in their personal relationships. By resisting these inclinations, a man may be suppressing his natural state. Suppression tends to be unhealthy and have negative consequences.

With the theory above, some people do not buy the biological explanation. Some people believe that there is actually little variation in the natural sex drives of the genders. A woman’s supposed lower sex drive is due to cultural training rather than nature. It’s also argued that all people suppress a wide range of natural inclinations with little harm. For example, a person may feel so angry that he wants to assault another person, but in most instances, control the desire. The same applies to sex drive. A person can’t go around sleeping with anyone who is interested just because their sex drive is on steroids. They control the feeling and do it only with their partners.

2) What exactly is cheating?

When you say someone has cheated what does that really mean? To define the term cheating can be difficult. In general, most people agree that being in a long-term relationship and then having sex with someone other than one’s partner is cheating. But that doesn’t always hold true. Some couples have open relationships. Here sexual encounters outside the initial pairing are accepted. Some couples engage in activities in which the couple invites another person or people to join them in a group encounter. For these couples, this does not count as cheating. Or does it?

You see, for some people there are different definitions of having sex with someone who is not their sexual partners. Intercourse is usually “having penetrative sex”. What about oral sex? Or being masturbated by another person? If a man visits a strip club and enjoys a lap dance, is that cheating? Is going to a strip club being unfaithful? Would you go home after passing by a strip club with guilt of being unfaithful?

What about simple masturbation? If a man takes matters in his own hands while watching pornography, is he cheating? What about if he masturbates without visual aid: does that count as “having sex with someone other than one’s partner?” What defines cheating?

3) Communication is key

What it essentially boils to in the best interest of both parties in relationships, is to have a mutual understanding of what constitutes as cheating. In most instances, people tend to piece this together for themselves, based on attitudes they observe or in comments they hear from their partners. But if there is any gray area, it’s a good idea to bite the bullet and bring the subject up, in order to make sure both are on the same page in this area and know what is expected. Knowing what each partner expects from the other in terms of fidelity, and how each partner defines fidelity, is an important step in keeping a relationship strong.

It is quite clear that cheating can mean something different for someone. The subject of what exactly is cheating is one that couples need to discuss when they begin their journey to a long-term relationship. When both partners discuss and clarify this, then maybe cheating would be minimized. That’s a big maybe and it would depend on an individual.


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