Condoms – The Best Way To Avoid Breaking


Not to spoil the fun, but if you’re sexually active, you should be concerned about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). More than half of the people are likely to have STI at some point in their lives. Although some STIs are curable, some aren’t and you could be left managing the infection for the rest of your life.

You must use a condom whenever you are having sex. Condoms prevent the spread of STIs while simultaneously protecting against unwanted pregnancy.

The most common and old-age excuse for not wearing condoms, “but…condoms break!”. Maybe it has happened to you or have heard about it happening to someone else. It doesn’t matter as it is something that happens often and if so, whose fault is it? Answer me this, do condoms break because they’re poor quality or are we not using them correctly?


To spoil things, it is not the condom’s fault that it breaks. It’s your fault. In most cases it might be due to wrong application when wearing it and more importantly how you store it. Every condom you’ve ever used has gone through what’s called an electric conductance test. This is a non-destructive test that checks for microscopic holes. If a condom is perfect, no electricity will be able to pass through it and it will move along the assembly line to be packaged and sold. Also, air pressure is tested and water inside the condom is tested to determine the durability. Those that fail are destroyed.

So, it comes back to you, you’re obviously not using the condom properly hence it always breaks. It is also common among guys to use a needle to poke a hole so that the condom can burst with the aim of impregnating. Which leads to unwanted pregnancy. This kind of practice is unsafe and puts both of you in danger of being infected with STI or some other dangerous sexual infections.

Check yourself! Did you know there is more to putting on a condom correctly than “open package and unroll onto penis”?

If your answer is no please go through the points below, and even if you answer yes just keep on reading you might learn something new.

  1. The pillow test: Before you use a condom, check and feel the package for a little air inside. If there is no air, throw it away, as it’s likely that there is a tiny hole in the wrapper that could compromise the durability of the condom.
  2. Check the expiration date: Month you need to check the expiry date of your condom stash. Throwaway those that have run out of time. Every condom has an expiring date stamped onto its wrapper. And a word to the wise – don’t leave this step for the moment that you’re fumbling for a condom, poised and ready for the act. That way, you know any condom you reach for in the heat of the moment is good to go.
  3. Open the package carefully: Slide the condom to the side so that it’s out of the way and then rip with your FINGERS from ridge to ridge. Don’t fancy yourself sexy and get in there with your teeth. It has happened before and it will happen again…opening a condom with something other than your fingers runs the risk of tearing the condom.
  4. Add lube: Most condoms come with lube but it isn’t enough. You need to add lube to avoid friction and prevent it from ripping. Having a marathon session? Keep adding lube as you go to keep things slippery. Another important note to keep your condom intact– make sure you’re using water-based or silicone lubricant. Using an oil-based lube with a condom is a big “no-no”. The oil will break down the latex of the condom causing it to tear.
  5. Pinch the tip: We need to repeat this: pinch the tip!A lot of people skip this step and it is the primary reason why condoms break. Guys, let’s take a moment to talk about this step. You need to leave room at the tip of the condom to allow space for ejaculation to happen. If you don’t leave space chances of it bursting are high and also it can delay your ejaculation. Make sure there is no air inside by pinching the tip to release the air. Hold the tip with 2 fingers and a thumb so that there is enough room. Keep holding the whole time you’re rolling the condom down.
  6. Storage: Store condoms in cool dry places, let them not be exposed to direct sunlight, this also compromises on the strength and quality of the little buddies.

Did you pass the test? Do you follow all the steps? If you do, you’re much less likely to have any “oh-no” moments in the future. Take this knowledge, go forth and spread the word! Let’s change the reputation of condoms back to the strong and durable protection that they’re.

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