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Most Men Dont Talk About “Piles”

Most men dont talk about the pain of piles – but many should! Piles, are varicose veins of the rectum or anus. They are common in middle and later life, often caused by years of constipation. The three different types include: Internal haemorrhoids – Found inside the rectum, these are painless but tend to bleed […]

Why do men always fall asleep after sex?

If a man falls asleep immediately after an intimate moment with a partner, the partner shouldn’t take it as an insult. Men fall asleep after sex for several reasons. None of these reasons are related to your relationship, personality, or performance in bed. The act frequently takes place at night, in a bed, and is, […]


Introduction Several of the World Cup-winning Springboks have accepted teammate Faf de Klerk’s Speedo challenge. They will raise awareness for the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer. Have you taken the challenge? Men should take care and be aware of what is happening in their bodies. They shouldn’t wait for things to go bad before […]

Interesting facts about alcohol for men

Intoduction South Africa is a beer drinking nation. Up to 56% of all alcohol consumed is beer. This is just one of the interesting facts about alcohol for men. Another interesting fact about alcohol for men is consumption in this country has serious social and public health effects. A 2014 article in a journal estimated […]

STI Facts For Better Prevention

An active and safe sex life is an important part of your physical wellbeing and proper sexual health. Certainly, a man needs regular sex to keep his manhood active and strong. Regular sexual acts should be practiced with caution and safety. Unfortunately, many people don’t know all the facts about sexually transmitted infections (STI). This  […]

Bent Penis Treatment Methods

There are men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease (Bent penis), a condition where the penis has an extreme, usual, 30 percent or greater, bend.The cause of the disease is largely unknown but medical professionals suggest it can develop over time due to injuries to the penis, both major and minor. Those traumas can cause bleeding […]

Why Do Men Cheat?

Why do men cheat….. Guys we know that, cheating is cheating, right? When you make a commitment to monogamy and then you break it, you’ve cheated? Are the specifics of what or how you conducted the act, with whom you did it with, and what you felt when you were doing it really matter? Well, […]

Trouble Reaching Orgasm – Three Tips For Men

Sex is a really complicated subject. Too many lessons exist about this subject. We are challenged to satisfy our partners. If it isn’t about ejaculating early, it is then about ejaculating late. This takes us to that question too many are asking: HOW LONG SHOULD SEX LAST? How much is too much sex and what […]

Alcohol To Blame For Delayed Ejaculation?

Alcohol is the most celebrated beverage in Mzansi. South Africa ranks number 25 in the world and number one in Africa for alcohol consumption. This is according to the latest alcohol consumption world index published on October 10 2018. Alcohol is also called the social lubricant because it tends to disinhibit people. Drinking takes away […]

What Is Ejaculation And What You Can Do?

That quick, exciting and ticklish feeling that you can’t control while having some intimate time with your lover. Do you know what it is called? We are going to talk about what is ejaculation and identify common causes of early ejaculation. We are also going to answer questions such as what causes these problems. What […]