Erectile dysfunction-Can exercising reverse ED?


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a typical penis problem for men, and it can affect men in many different ways. ED is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. A host of things can cause it. The root can be physical, such as issues with low testosterone, heart disease, or obesity. Psychological issues like depression, performance anxiety, or sexual trauma can cause a temporary or permanent erection hiatus.

Even emotional issues like relationship problems can cause a man’s penis to not be erect properly. There are many ways to treat and even reverse the condition. Little blue pills, pumps, and other treatment methods which are popular, but researchers have found that getting physical in the gym could lead to getting very physical in the bedroom. Get ready to increase penis sensitivity by pumping the penis up.

Get Daily Cardio

It’s no surprise that heart-healthy cardio is a must for men to restore penile function. A study printed in The American Journal of Cardiology shows that aerobic exercise may help improve ED. That should get the heart pumping!

ED is most commonly caused by complications with blood flow to the penis. Diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and vascular disease can negatively impact blood flow, leading up to an ED diagnosis for many men at some point in their lives. When a man adds aerobic exercise to his daily regimen, not only is he adding years to his life, but he is also boosting blood flow, adding powerful erections back into his intimate life.

While at least 30 minutes each day is recommended, start with three to four days each week. Do something enjoyable like hiking, biking, or swimming to ease into the habit, and then increase the number of exercise days and even minutes spent exercising, when it feels right.

Kick up the Kegels

It’s a well-known exercise for women, but it’s just as good for men, too. A study by the University of the West in the United Kingdom discovered that pelvic exercises helped 40 percent of men who have ED regain the same function they enjoyed before their penis problem started. Another 33.5 percent saw improvements in erectile function. The pelvic floor exercise they used? The Kegel. The mighty Kegel promotes sexual health and urinary continence in addition to giving men an erectile boost.

The Kegel strengthens many areas, but especially the bulbocavernosus muscle. This is the muscle that helps the penis swell up for the erection. It also thrusts during ejaculation and helps empty the urethra after peeing.

How to do Kegel exercises

Find the muscles needed for performing the Kegel exercise by stopping mid-stream when urinating. Once successful, remember the muscles because these are the ones a man needs to strengthen. Perform a rep of Kegels by squeezing those muscles, holding for five seconds, and then relaxing. Repeat 10 times and perform twice each day, eventually working up to 20 reps, 3 times each day.

Kegels can be performed in any position, so feel free to get creative. Most men find that starting in a lying position at first helps them learn the muscles. Focus more on form than reps since isolating the proper muscles is so important for strength.

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