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It Hurts To Pee – What To Do?

Introduction There is absolutely nothing that gets a man’s attention faster than the feeling of fire passing through the urinal. In other words it hurts to pee. It is the most painful experience that any man could ever go through. When you feel a sudden burn when urinating, it should not be taken lightly. Such […]

What Exactly is Cheating?

Introduction Every man get an occasional itch in his pants due to rashes, sweat, skin irritants and other physical issues. This is occasionally cleared by a little TLC (Tender loving care). But then what about that other kind of itchiness: the one that aches to indulge in a little outside-the-relationship exploration? How does one precisely […]

Self Pleasure – Making Time For Yourself

Introduction We talk a lot about the bad and give little time to the good. When a person thinks of self-pleasure, they feel ashamed. On this post we will talk about self-pleasure. Yes, masturbation! The health benefits of masturbation have been written about already and apply to everyone. We are going to repeat that too. […]

Communication With Your Partner

Sex, remains one of the most important, common and favourite of all the life experiences. This is irrespective of how stigmatized and alienated it is in society. Great sex doesn’t come easy without good communication with your partner. Sadly this much needed practice barely exists in the bedrooms. Talking about sex becomes essential if a […]

Secrets To A Happy Relationship

What are the secrets to a happy relationship? In life there is nothing permanent. There is always change. Changes in life are not always easy to adjust to. It takes so much of an effort, time and energy to adjust to change. “To exist is to change, to change is to mature and to mature […]

Auto Injector System – Erectile Dysfunction

Mens Clinic International

Auto injector system There are many weak erection treatment options available, depending upon the cause of weak erections. Impotence or erectile dysfunction are synonyms for weak erections. Penile injection therapy is a proven and effective method of treatment for Erectile dysfunction. Furthermore the Auto-injector System is specially designed to help with the self-injection of medication. […]

Low Libido or Low Sex Drive

Mens Clinic International

Low libido can loosely be defined as a lack of sexual desire. Low sex drive for an individual is a very personal issue and depends on many variables including age. It is the second most common sexual dysfunction in men after premature ejaculation. A recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association reported […]