Self Pleasure – Making Time For Yourself


We talk a lot about the bad and give little time to the good. When a person thinks of self-pleasure, they feel ashamed. On this post we will talk about self-pleasure. Yes, masturbation! The health benefits of masturbation have been written about already and apply to everyone. We are going to repeat that too.

Masturbation has historically been a very negative thing. In addition, we want to present a different perspective about masturbation. Over the years all sorts of anti-masturbation ideas have come and gone, including that it can result in blindness or excessive body hair growth. Just imagine going blind from masturbation. The whole world would be blind by now.

Masturbation is so natural that most mammals do it, as a result there’s lots of good reasons for you to join the fun. Masturbation is an ideal stress reliever because it is one of the many things that can help increase endorphin production. Endorphins are your feel-good drug that comes pre-installed in your body.

Masturbation isn’t just good for your mood, it’s good for your sex life. It can help you perform better with your partner. By self-pleasuring, you’re learning what your body likes and how to best achieve orgasm. Even better, therefore more orgasms you have, the better your body gets at having them. Yup, that means that the more solo orgasms you have, the more likely you’ll have one with a partner. As the saying goes, knowledge is power!

And no, you can’t get addicted to masturbation, yes you can? So there is a roaring debate about this. People and experts are on both sides of the fence. If you ever feel you’re becoming too reliant on one style of masturbation to get off, just try something different for a while until your body and mind readjusts!

Best of all solo sex is a low-effort, no-clothes-needed, calorie-free option to raise your heart rate, get some cardio, and get those endorphins flowing. Even better, taking the time to reconnect with your body can empower you to feel sexy and confident! So you might be hoping to get flirting with your crush or revamp your libido for your long-term relationship, self-love increases your confidence and can lead to better partnered sex.

So where does masturbation fit into your life? Some people prefer to get off after a long stressful day and will enjoy the comfort of their bed and some PJs (or nothing at all) to unwind and decompress. Others might be morning masturbators, preferring to kick-start their day with a boost of endorphins, energy, and personal pleasure.


Whether you want a quick orgasm or a sensual experience, You might even do both! The important thing is to remember that not only is masturbation a good thing for your emotional, physical, and sexual well-being that you should never be ashamed of. It is WORTH IT to make the time for regular self-loving. Build it into your days off or lazy nights. Therefore make it part of your self-care routine. Plan it around your workouts or your job. Pull up your favourite porn or tap into your most far-fetched fantasy. Whatever amount of masturbation makes you the happiest, healthiest, most satisfied version of you, that’s the right amount.

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