It Hurts To Pee – What To Do?


There is absolutely nothing that gets a man’s attention faster than the feeling of fire passing through the urinal. In other words it hurts to pee. It is the most painful experience that any man could ever go through. When you feel a sudden burn when urinating, it should not be taken lightly. Such a painful predicament requires medical attention. Can you relate to any of the following symptoms?

What is the likely cause of a painful pee?

1. Could it be an undiagnosed Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

UTI are the most common cause of painful urination in women. They are less common in men, but can still occur. A Urinary Tract Infection may occur when a bacteria enters the urethra, leading to an immune system response. When you are infected with UTI, you will have a frequent urge to urinate. However, urination only releases a few drops. This is accompanied by an unpleasant burning sensation. For better urinary health you need to drinks lots of water. In addition, cranberry juice is recommended. Visit your doctor to get antibiotics to help clear the infection.

2. An STI called Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is the type of STI that affects the reproductive tracts of men and women. This STI does not show any signs or symptoms. STI can certainly cause pain in the reproductive system. It often comes with other warning signs such as sores, lumps, bumps, discharge and fever. If an STI is suspected it is recommended that you get checked by a medical health professional. This is as a result of STI coming with a whole host of other side effects,  Additionally, it is possible to pass an infection on to a partner even if no symptoms are present. As a final word of advice, a man who is sexually active should always use a condom and also complete their full treatment plan as recommended by their doctor.

3. How about kidney and bladder stones, should they be considered too?

The kidney and bladder stones are solid build-ups of crystals. Minerals and proteins found in urine make up the crystals. They are most definitely a potential cause of pain during urination. In addition to causing burning pain, they can also severely restrict the flow of urine making it difficult and it hurts to pee. This stones can cause sharp pain on one or both sides of the body between the upper belly area and the back. If you suspect that something is not right with your kidneys, the best place to know for sure is by visiting an urologist who will perform proper diagnosis and offer the best treatment.

There are a few steps a man can take to keep his reproductive system healthy and reduce his chances of serious complications.

Use a condom:

Not only does it decrease the spread of STIs; it also prevents yeast and other bacteria from entering the penis and causing unpleasant infections.

Answer nature’s call:

A man has to hold it ometimes if he is stuck in traffic or an important meeting. However, as a general rule, natures call should be answered as promptly as possible. Holding urine for prolonged periods of time increases the chance of infection.

Practice good hygiene:

Showers are our friends. Cleaning the penis with soap and water eliminates unwanted bacteria, which can cause not only infections, but also unpleasant odors. As an added caution, men should also hop in the shower after sex, even if it is just for a quick rinse, to eliminate bacteria.

Regardless of what might have caused the pain, it is safe to say, any man who suffers from painful urination will want it to stop as quickly as possible. While it would be ideal if there was a guaranteed option to prevent penis pain, very few things in life come with a 100% guarantee. The best thing you could do for yourself is to seek medical attention when you experience burning urination.

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