Secrets To A Happy Relationship

What are the secrets to a happy relationship? In life there is nothing permanent. There is always change. Changes in life are not always easy to adjust to. It takes so much of an effort, time and energy to adjust to change. “To exist is to change, to change is to mature and to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

Unfortunately we can’t escape from change so let’s accept the change. When a couple decides to get into a relationship, they are getting into something they know nothing about. The secrets to a happy relationship come with change.

So when it’s about relationships all of us have different feelings – some are excited, some are anxious and tense while some can strike a balance between both. Relationships are all about togetherness. Along with love, intimacy and fun, relationships bring in lots of challenges. These challenges include dealing with differences in opinion, finances, in-laws, children and so on. People face issues in their relationship because; they are expecting it to run on automatic. They think it will hang together through no effort of their own; unfortunately, it won’t. It must be created.

Top Secrets To A Happy Relationship:

1. Express yourself and talk more:

Firstly, a lot of things are left unsaid. We keep a lot of things bottled inside and expect our partners to read the message. You are likely to be best understood only if you share your ideas and opinions. Your spouse is just a spouse and not a mind reader. So, do not expect yourself to be understood without expressing. Talk more about everything even about your sexual health. This will help you avoid a lot of uncertainty and misunderstandings.

2. Decide on together time:

We find ourselves living very busy lifestyles nowadays. It becomes very difficult to find some time out for each other. It doesn’t matter how busy you both are, you need to make it a rule that everyday you’ll at least spend an hour together. Do not use this time to discuss past issues or crib about the environment. There should be no outside distractions during this time.

3. Be appreciative:

So appreciate every little thing you like about your partner. It works as a motivation for your partner to keep doing little things for you. Stop nagging about things that are wrong and appreciate what little good you see.

4. Write short text messages:

Make it a habit from time to time to send your partner a short text expressing your feelings and love. So you don’t have to say I love you when either one of you has done something special. It should happen without expectations of a reward.

5. Activity once a week:

Indulge in some games, dance, sports or similar activities together. Find out one such activity which both of you can enjoy together and religiously do it once a week. If you have a Scramble board, play the word game. Make it fun and competitive.

in addition, always have time for each other in the sheets. There should never be a moment where you are skipping the intimacy time. Never make an excuse to avoid making love to your partner. Many relationships suffer because instead of making love, a person would come up with too many excuses. No matter how tired or busy you are, sex should be top of the list of the things you do each night or morning. The problem that too many couples have is that of point number 1. You never talk to each other. So if you want it tonight, tell your partner you want it. Don’t assume what your spouse is thinking. If either one of you is not in the mood, talk about it. Don’t just shut off and think the next person would understand. It doesn’t work like that.

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