First Sexual Experience

Mens Clinic InternationalHaving sex for the first time…

Having sex for the first time, or losing your virginity, is an important life event for many people. Deciding if you are ready to have sex for the first time is very personal, whether is your first time or not. You should only have sex if you feel ready or excited about it. The sex expert says good sex requires intimacy, trust, transparency, and mutual satisfaction.Your first time may not be romantic and it may even be awkward or painful. Sex can hurt during the first couple of times. It may not work out exactly how you want it to and that’s OK! Relationships are difficult, and they take time to develop. If you have had sex without a condom it’s important to get tested for HIV and other STIs, especially if your partner is having sex with other people.

Did your first time sexual experience feel special?

Many people feel strongly that their first time should be saved for someone special, or until they have reached a certain age. Some people have sex for the first time when they are teenagers, while others choose to wait till they are older. For some people it’s important to be married before they have sex.

Does your first sexual experience work out?

No matter what you plan, some people’s first time works out exactly how they want it to, and other people’s may not. Talking to your partner about what you want and issues like safer sex before will help you to make the experience more enjoyable for you both.

Understanding your partner…

Empathy is the care and understanding of another person’s feelings. Understanding is important during sex, because when you feel that your partner cares about your pleasure, you are going to be more into having sex with them. We often approach having sex with too much ego and that’s a real shame. Sex can be confusing, awkward, weird, and very hot. Make room for a lot of feelings in order to make an amazing erotic experience.

Sexual satisfaction!

Sexual satisfaction is believed to be higher among the couples who revealed that they gave each other positive affirmations during sex and were open enough about embarrassing moments during sex to joke about them and move on. Communicating what you like and don’t like can be instructional and informative, no matter how much you think you already know each other’s bodies.

Where to start during sexual activity?

Foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose, helping prepare both mind and body for sex. Many women need to be kissed, hugged, and caressed to create lubrication in the vagina, which is important for comfortable intercourse.

What a man must do before penetration!

Before you put anything inside a vagina, it’s important that you are fully, properly aroused. When you are aroused the vagina expands and gets wet while the genital tissue becomes engorged with blood. This helps intercourse and penetration feel good rather than painful or uncomfortable. Be sure you are giving sufficient time and attention to the clitoris.

Tips to experience the best sex ever.

  1. Always tell your partner how much you love them.
  2. Plan a date and schedule for sex.
  3. Tell your partner what turns you on.
  4. Give your partner a confidence boost.
  5. Understand your partner’s needs.
  6. Always start with foreplay during sex.
  7. Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  8. Kiss your partner like you mean it.
  9. Texting (sexting) your partner and tell them how hot they are and you can’t wait to be at home, spend time with them is also important.

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