You Can Love Yourself Everyday



The year is coming to an end but did you love yourself? Did you achieve all that you set out to achieve? Have you made that money? Did you finish that course? If like me I had a plan to be in a relationship by the end of 2018. As you know with life s*&t happens, and rolls around another year where I am not in a hooked up scenario.

Being young and out there means that there are a lot of options when it comes to dating, there are those flash in the pan relationships, the one night stands and the people you really enjoy spending time with. As people we all have a need to connect with people, to love and be loved, we are a communal species so it is only natural we want to be romantically involved with other people.

Family time

This time of the year brings up a lot of anxiety for many people in our community, whilst many of us it is a time to be with family and friends for others it is a time filled with loneliness, stress, anxiety and anxiousness. This may be brought on by something traumatic that has happened in the past such as the loss of a loved one.

Then we also have complicated family relations. Why is it that if we have a messed up relationship with a family member or certain members then at this time we must forget and all sing khum baya! Meeting up with family can bring to the surface many unresolved issues that we have with each other. How does one deal with a family member that totally goes against your values, they can be homophobic, racists and chauvinists. You know that if you let them know how you feel then there will be a fight, so what do you do? Go and be anxious as if you are walking on egg shells or do not go at all.

Spare wheel?

With the people that we choose to have in our life this can also be stressful. At this time our friends are all going to their families and if you want to hook up they are with their partner and kids. This can make you the spare wheel. We will go through life stages and with this being single is something that we need to embrace because it is not all that bad.

Here are the upsides of being single at this time of the year:

1. You do not need to buy a gift. Buy yourself one.
2. “I do not have to do anything to anyone that I do not want to.”
3. I can take myself on holiday and have a blast.
4. Mingle with other singles!
5. Yes, I can have good holiday sex! Remember, there is nothing wrong with no strings attached casual sex. Always use a condom to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, STI’s and HIV.
6. I can stay home and just read/sleep/eat
7. I really do not have to answer to anybody.

My single friend, the year is over. You have done the most important thing this year and that is taking care of yourself. You can love yourself, if you do not take care of you who else will because you are single!!

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