Penis Sizes – Does Size Matter?

Does the size of the penis matter? Many men believe that the size matters and for decades many has lots a lot of fortunes to the hands of bogus people who claim that they can increase one’s penis size through the use of either penis enlargement creams, tablets or traditional herbs.

You don’t have to pack a monster inside your pants to have the best sexual experience. Just because porn guys are portrayed as having huge penises and you think, “damn I need one of those” as if it is something you get as a Happy Meal toy. Nah, it doesn’t work like that just chill. Your penis size doesn’t matter as it doesn’t have a real correlation to sexual performance and satisfaction. It can be big and still not do it’s job properly. While an average size man who takes care of his sexual health and develops appropriate skills can give the best average sexual satisfaction. Its not about the size, rather what the size do.

Average penis sizes

The average flaccid (soft) penis is about 9 cm and 9.2cm in girth, while the average erect penis is about 13 cm and about 11.7cm in circumference , according to results in BJU International. Not the 6” (15cm) snake which was for many years the accepted standard. There are different penis sizes and men who are much, much longer – or much, much shorter – are truly the exception. And even a man with a penis size of, say, 10cm is perfectly capable of satisfying his partner. Assuming penis health is adequate, there are other factors for the average man to consider in order to achieve great sex. Some tips in this area include:

Give Foreplay

The simple fact is that most men tend to orgasm more quickly once intercourse has begun than women. (There are exceptions, of course.) This is one reason why an attentive male lover will engage in a decent amount of foreplay. The more highly receptive the partner is before a man enters, the sooner she will reach orgasm. Men should be sure to approach foreplay as an important part of lovemaking – not as a duty, but as an opportunity to explore their lover’s body and to extend her pleasure. And remember – oral sex can also be part of one’s foreplay.

Change course

Too many men think that once penetration has been achieved, there’s no changing course. In fact, if a guy can tell that he is approaching ejaculation and doesn’t want to reach that pinnacle yet, there’s no reason he can’t withdraw from his love and go back to performing oral sex or masturbating her. (the withdrawal technic)

Keep going

There’s also no rule that says it’s a crime to ejaculate before one’s lover – provided that the man doesn’t consider his job over and done with. Many men remain hard enough post-ejaculation to continue intercourse. Those that do not can still please their partner with their hands and/or mouths.

But not if she doesn’t want to

Sometimes a woman may feel like she’s being forced to orgasm, and the pressure can work against her achieving that state. If a partner indicates that she doesn’t need to be further stimulated but would instead prefer to cuddle and kiss, definitely respect those wishes.

Be open

The physical aspect of sex is fantastic, but the emotional connection it can provide is equally important and more so to many people. Being open and communicative about one’s feelings before, during and after sex can make the sex even better. And it also allows both partners to feel that they are allowed to communicate about their physical needs in a productive manner as well.
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