January Stress – Starting The Year!


Hello!! It is 2019, it is finally here! We waited for an entire year to see this New Year and with it comes January stress. At Mens Clinic we wish you and yours a prosperous 2019 in all that you do.

We hope that you had a good break/good holiday or worked well during the festive break. In the last article we talked about the joys of being single during this time. The festive season should not be a lonely period. You can really make the most of it if you are alone. Weather we were single or not during that time we would have done similar things. We would have over indulged in food, drink and had a good time. This over indulgence would have meant that we would have also done one thing in common. That is to spend a lot during this time. Year in and year out there is very sage advice that comes from those in the financial world. The financial gurus advise how we must not overspend during the festive season. Alas as people we do fall into traps and over spend.


People get caught up in the festive spirit, in the celebrations and festivities and this generally leads to us going out of budget. Then there is the stress that comes with us having to provide for family. It is invariable that excessive spending does happen at this time. The excitement of the season seems to make us forget that we have Jan-u-worry coming up. When we realize that we have spent too much we then start to have the feelings of January stress. We know that the month that is coming is very looooong. We need to do our regular monthly duties as well as preparing children for school. Our money runs out earlier than usual during this long January. The month feels like it has 32 days.

The stress that this has on us is not good for the mind and body. When the mind is occupied and stressed out it then leads us to having a poor performance in the bedroom. Men and women when you suffer from stress it affects your libido, you feel that you do not want it as much as you normally would. The biggest sex organ is the brain and if you have a busy mind and are distracted during sex it makes it harder to achieve arousal.

Impact on health

So how much did you drink during this time? It was good right, you stayed out ate a lot of braai meat, lots of greasy chips? How much did you drink? Over indulgence in alcohol as you know is not good for the body as well as for the love life. We need to also know that excessive intake in alcohol will also lead to stress because it can make many parts of our lives uncontrollable. This leads to stress, anxiety and poor sex life.


The month is here and there is not much that we can do about what has happened in the past. We need to look forward and see how we can save the rest of the month so we can make it through emotionally and with our relationships. The first thing that we have to do is be honest with ourselves and our partners of the situation that we are in now.

If you have a little or no money talk about it? If you are struggling to get out of festive mood (still over indulging) talk about it so you can seek help. The second step is then to take action, you can still work out a financial road map with what you have. You need to also cut back on unnecessary spending. Step three get into some physical shape this month, you do not need a big fitness routine but some sort of movement because physical movement will promote blood circulation and the feel good hormones to move through the body, this then leads to less stress and a plus in the bedroom.

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