Sexual frequency – How Often?

Many people are wondering about sexual frequency and if they are having enough sex, too little sex, too much sex or they really do not give it two thoughts. Perhaps you think that you are not having as much sex as your friends bragging by the braai. By sex many people have a set definition of it and that is penetration.

Many factors influence the amount of sex that couples have, relationship status, health and age. As certain life stages happen to couples the rate and frequency can also change for instance when we are raising children it might not be as frequent as in the ‘honeymoon stage’.

In this country as men we have this obsession on rounds, how many rounds can I go? How many rounds should I go? I guess as men we are linking the status of our happiness in the relationship to rounds? Are we measuring ourselves on how happy we will make our partner by the amount of rounds that we can do? The measure of happiness in a relationship should not be based on a number. So what happens to your self esteem as you get older and the amount of rounds that you can do decreases?

There is an industry that is thriving based on these feelings of inadequacy. There are pills and potions that are being sold to us to make us last longer and do more rounds. As men they will make you harder, last longer for the females always to have a wet juicy vagina ready for your partner.

The question of sexual frequency usually comes up when one partner is less satisfied with the amount of time in the bedroom. We need to move our minds to actually looking at other ways in being sexual with our partners. It does not always have to be penetrative sex. People in committed relationships long for touch, sensual play, caressing, kissing and a variety of oral sex. Why not view porn together and have mutual masturbation?

In a recent study published in 2018, by the San Diego State University found that American that were married or living together between 2010 and 2014 had sex 16 fewer times per year compared to 2000-2004. The study also revealed that people in their 20’s are having more sex than 80 times per year on average. So I wonder what would be the stats for SA, you tell us.…/how-often-are-people-having-sex-an…/.

The study also says that more sex is not necessarily better. There is no link between sexual frequency and happiness. In previous articles we have talked about what they key things are in happiness in relationships, communication and good health.

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