Fresh Eating For A New Year


With every New Year comes the annual tradition of making resolutions. One of the most popular goals most of us strive is to either lose weight or live healthier with fresh eating habits. We all know that these beginning of the year goals are good. The tricky thing is can we stick to them? People like to promise many things at the beginning of the year. Some actually end up not doing a single one. The major reason for this is that we are committing to too many things.

Above all, one of the few things that you can invest in and get returns is your family and your health. This year we will focus on many different health issues that affect us and what we can do to overcome them. The simplest way of being healthy is eating healthy. We need to make our health a priority. There is no such thing as looking for short cut diets. We need to eat right and as they say the rest will follow.

Fresh eating habits can be scary, confusing and expensive. So instead of changing everything overnight why not focus on small changes. This will ensure that it is sustainable. When preparing meals, simply replace an unhealthy item with a healthy one. You must also be conscious of what you are putting into your body. So replace the fizzy drinks with water. If you are feeling like a snack instead of the unhealthy packet of chips replaces that with a piece of fruit.

The third step is to also get some activity into your life. If you are active and doing some sort of exercise that is great continue. If you are not active at all start, it can be as simple as doing some floor exercises at home. People want to complicate things and make it expensive by going to gyms and signing up with various other fitness programmes. No keep it simple. Remember we want to have small incremental increases so that we can see results and we are not put off quickly. In keeping active also have a goal, what is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to loose some of that mid belly weight, tighten up the gluteus or get fit.

The world is having a shift in the way that we perceive what is healthy and what should be the correct diet for people to take. There are many diets out there and these diets will tell you that they will do for you and in possibly the shortest time. Remember short cuts often have long term consequences. The advice from us is simple the old KISS method that is Keep It Simple Stupid. This way you will not fall off the wagon.

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