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Gender Based Violence – What are you doing!!!

Gender Based Violence The past few weeks have to be one of the worst periods our post-apartheid state has been through. The South African society has gone through turmoil and upheaval due to gender based violence that has torn through our society and I hope that there will be a change in the country that […]

Practicing Safe Sex with Proper Condom Use

Practicing safe sex in a world where everyone thinks they are experts in everything. We find men who like to think that they know everything about sex. Some go as far as acting like they do just so they could look cool to their friends. A lot of guys don’t know how to properly put […]

Smoking Weed Affects Sexual Health

People have been smoking weed for over the years. Since last year it has been made legal to smoke weed in your own home (in private) and for personal use. What exactly is marijuana? Marijuana is a popular drug (or herb as Bob Marley liked to call it) used for recreational and medicinal purposes. It […]

Masturbation – 5 Good Reasons

Masturbation is an activity enjoyed by millions of men and women all around the world. It has survived centuries of bad mouthing and sometimes-hysterical denunciations for the simple reason that it feels good, produces positive results, is good for penis health, and, in most cases is harmless. While the rates of masturbation may vary from […]

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation Men who are more concerned about their sexual health are performing exercises to take action to fix the problems that make their sexual performance unsatisfactory. When talking about sexual health and performance, premature ejaculation comes up frequently. Taking the cost effective steps to control ejaculatory issues is an important part of […]

Penis Size and Enlargement Products

Penis Size Many men are desperate to increase the size of their penis. South African men ranked number 6th in the world in average penis size. A study which was done in 2012 by the Scientific Journal Personality and Individual Differences concluded this. It doesn’t come as a surprise why too many men are so […]

Poor Lifestyle Choices Vs Sexual Health

The most sensitive part of a man is his private parts. As a man you need to put on extra security to protect your most valuable asset against poor lifestyle choices. A simple misplaced blow to the genital area can lead to you writhing in agony. Guys who play soccer are mostly familiar with the […]

It Hurts To Pee – What To Do?

Introduction There is absolutely nothing that gets a man’s attention faster than the feeling of fire passing through the urinal. In other words it hurts to pee. It is the most painful experience that any man could ever go through. When you feel a sudden burn when urinating, it should not be taken lightly. Such […]

Penile Shrinkage – What to do?

Men like to boast about how big they are to their fellow comrades. Packing a big one under the hood is something all men strive for. It might happen that on a certain day a man may notice a slight reduction of the size of the junk in his trunk. This is the result of […]

The Best Tips For A Hairless Experience

These are best tips for a hairless experience so its is time to grab the machetes, boys! The pubic jungle needs to be whacked off. It’s time to join the hairless crotch gang. Is there anyone who knows where it all began? Now more than ever more men are opting to abolish their short and […]