Sex and quality time…

Quality time

Sex and quality time is about enjoying each other as a couple or together with your loved ones. You can spend time together as a couple to show your appreciation and affection for each other. This will increase both the bond and intimacy levels in the relationship. Moreover, choosing to make time for each other in your relationship is the best thing you can do as a couple.

Sex and quality time

When it comes to sex, quality time may help you feel more aroused because of the closeness created through experiences during intercourse. However, it may also strengthen your emotions, connection and commitment to each other. Quality time should contain a healthy level of intimacy, love and belonging, which human beings naturally need.

Benefits of sex and quality time in a Relationship

Quality time can strengthen your relationship in several ways including a healthy relationship communication. It gives you distraction-free time to talk and it helps you spend quality time with your partner. Spending quality time together is also a great way to build our friendship. It gives us shared interests as well as the opportunity to have fun and laugh together. All these experiences help to create closeness and exclusivity in our couple relationship.

How to spend quality time with your partner

  • Cook together.
  • Try art together.
  • Netflix and chill.
  • Attend a concert.
  • Schedule a date.
  • Try dancing classes.
  • Engage in physical intimacy.
  • Go for a night drive together.
  • Visit each other’s hometown.
  • Try sporting activities together.
  • Encourage and love each other.
  • Read romantic novels together.
  • Travel together and explore new landmarks.
  • Listen to a podcast or audio-book as a couple.

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