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Masturbating Control Strategies

Masturbation Do you masturbate? Yes! How often do you masturbate? Once a week, twice a week or twice a day?? Do you feel that you masturbate too much? Do you want to stop masturbating? Masturbating is a healthy act and contrary to many myths many of us do it but will not admit it. Over […]

Fresh Eating For A New Year

  With every New Year comes the annual tradition of making resolutions. One of the most popular goals most of us strive is to either lose weight or live healthier with fresh eating habits. We all know that these beginning of the year goals are good. The tricky thing is can we stick to them? […]

Penis Sizes – Does Size Matter?

Does the size of the penis matter? Many men believe that the size matters and for decades many has lots a lot of fortunes to the hands of bogus people who claim that they can increase one’s penis size through the use of either penis enlargement creams, tablets or traditional herbs. You don’t have to […]

Sex & Depression – Why I Stopped Having Sex?

Introduction Depression is something that affects any living human. Even animals go through depression. Some people don’t even realize that they have depression until they start noticing some changes in their lives. Above all, the number one symptom of depression among adults is the loss of interest in sex! Yes, depression can lead you to […]

The Aging & Elderly – Weak Erections

The Effect Of Weak Erections On The Aging And Elderly Introduction Weak Erections( also known as Erectile Dysfunction) are a pervasive problem, and is present in men of all age groups. However, as a man ages, the prevalence of weak erections increases significantly. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study reports the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in […]

Keeping Healthy – Guide For Men

What you can do to keep yourself healthy The following steps are recommended to help you live longer and live better: 1. Understand the “male approach” to health. The first step is to learn about common male feelings of fear, embarrassment, and above all, invincibility. Educate yourself about male health problems. Before you can help […]

The Mysterious G Spot – How to find it?

Mens Clinic International

The mysterious G Spot History Drs. John Perry and Beverly Whipple named the mysterious “G-spot” in honour of Ernst Grafenberg. Grafenberg was a German physician who, in the 1950s, wrote an article that mentioned the G=spot. He stated that there was an erotic zone on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of […]