The internet is full of sex tips for just about every possible subject, but surprisingly there are few sex tips for overweight men. More than half of all South Africans are now classified as medically overweight or obese. Being overweight can have an impact on sexual health and can also create other challenges in bed. So with that in mind, let’s review a few sex tips for overweight men.

What is overweight?

What constitutes being overweight can vary from individual to individual. Generally accepted definition of an overweight adult is one whose body mass index (BMI) lies between 25 and 30. If the BMI is 30 or higher, a person is considered obese.

While it is generally healthier to be what is considered a “good weight,” many people are simply unable to attain or maintain that goal. Some find benefits in being overweight that make it preferable to attempting to maintain a lighter weight. For this latter group especially, sex tips can come in handy.

Some sex tips for the overweight guy

#1: Love yourself.

No, this isn’t advising a guy to masturbate more, although there’s usually little harm in self-pleasuring. This is just reminding men that self-confidence and self-esteem are among the most important attributes of a good lover. Whether one’s extra KGs is temporary, transient, or permanent, it’s important to be accepting of it and not ashamed of it in bed. If a guy feels ashamed of being fat, he should spend time naked in front of a mirror, observing his body and its good points. Some may need to work with a therapist to become accepting of his appearance, even if he is seeking to change it ultimately.

#2: Consider a penis ring.

Often overweight men may find that their penis appears to have shrunk in length a little. The penis is actually as long as it ever was, but some of it may be hidden beneath the “fat pad” that surrounds it. Wearing a penis ring not only can aid in maintaining or strengthening an erection, it can also push a little of the fat pad back and the buried shaft forward.

#3: Wash carefully.

As a person gains weight, they tend to get “rolls” or “folds” of skin. It’s important that a man wash carefully all over and beneath these rolls, as it’s easier for dirt or bacteria to gather there. And in bed, a man wants to present his healthiest, most hygienic self.

#4: Let her be on top.

When a guy is significantly heavier than his partner, he should suggest using positions beyond the typical missionary. Use those positions that either allow her to be on top or allow him to keep the bulk of his weight off of her.

#5: Work on those arms.

If a couple prefers to use a position in which the man is on top, it is beneficial for the partner if the man is strong enough to support some of his weight in his arms. Choosing exercises to help develop or maintain upper arm strength can be very helpful.

All said and done, you can definitely boost your sex life by losing some weight. Obesity can lead to a lot of sex-related issues. It can lead to erectile dysfunction which will make it harder for you get and maintain a strong erection. Obesity can also lead to low libido by interfering with your testosterone levels. It can also lead to lack of stamina and this will harm your sex life as well.


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