Sex & Depression – Why I Stopped Having Sex?


Depression is something that affects any living human. Even animals go through depression. Some people don’t even realize that they have depression until they start noticing some changes in their lives. Above all, the number one symptom of depression among adults is the loss of interest in sex! Yes, depression can lead you to stop wanting sex. As we have already mentioned in our other posts and comments that depression can cause erectile dysfunction or low sex drive.

Mental health has a very important part to play in our lives. When you have a healthy mind, you get to enjoy sex and other fun things. Depression can often trigger feelings of embarrassment and shame. This is what often drives people mad, which leads them to doing extreme and dumb things. In addition you experience thoughts and feelings like “what’s wrong with me?” or “No one would want to be with me.” or “I am not a man enough.” They kind of make depression worse.

What to do

What can you do if you or your partner is suffering from a low sex drive? Guys it’s important to acknowledge that there are two issues at play here.

  • Firstly that you or your partner is depressed.
  • Secondly that the depression is leading to a low sex drive. If you first solve the issue of depression, the sex drive will begin to take care of itself.

You might need to discuss this with your partner. Share with each other what is depressing you. Sometimes you might find that you are stressing over something small after talking about it with your partner.

The concept we just discussed above is very simple, but then unfortunately depression doesn’t go away just because you want it to. What is the most difficult to handle situation that you are in? That is what you need to first discover before beginning your journey of dealing with depression. Get working on that and please don’t dilute your depression with substance that will make it worse. Alcohol and drugs are a no no including anti-depressants.

That hepless feeling

When you are in a very difficult situation that is causing depression, your mind numbs your feelings to the point where you see no joy at all. Not only does it numb the feelings you were avoiding – it also numbs the feelings you want to feel, like sexual desire. The brain as we know, is critical in creating sexual desire. The chemicals released in your brain are essential to the sexual urge and the functioning of our sex organs. When depression is present, it disrupts these chemical and can lead to a decrease in libido.

For you to be able to deal with depression itself, you need to get to the root cause of it. Which is your mind. Aside from certain medical conditions and chemical imbalances, depression is a mental response to prolonged stress or difficult situations.

Get professional help

While dealing with depression as a whole is something each person should discuss with a qualified doctor, there are several well-documented techniques that can help with the sex drive issue in the meantime. We will share with you what those techniques are in our next article. Now, everyone is different, so it’s important to find a treatment approach that works for each person’s unique system. And you should know that getting back to a sexual baseline will require patience and practice. Above all it’s about creating new patterns of well-being in your mind and body.

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