Practicing Safe Sex with Proper Condom Use

Practicing safe sex in a world where everyone thinks they are experts in everything. We find men who like to think that they know everything about sex. Some go as far as acting like they do just so they could look cool to their friends. A lot of guys don’t know how to properly put a condom on and won’t admit that. Well since it is mostly put in the dark, the “as long as it is in” mentality kicks in. Who of you reading this post have taken their time to go through the instructions of how to use a condom? Only a few would contest to have read the instructions while the rest aren’t eager to ask questions about proper application. Men who understand how important safe sex is maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Men who ask questions about safe sex need not be ashamed. It is a known fact that nobody is born knowing everything and a lack of knowledge about certain aspects of sex doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of experience. Schools are only teaching all the sex topics that the department deems important. They teach about using condoms for prevention of teenage pregnancy. Or the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases but never go deep in discussing the proper use of condoms.

The health department has made condoms available at all healthcare facilities, night clubs, schools and other public places so that they can easily be accessed. And also they are sold at convenient stores and supermarkets for those who are looking for branded condoms.

For those men who want to be discreet about their condom purchases they often buy them online and have them delivered to their doors. There is so many ways to get condoms and the options is free or purchased. It doesn’t matter which option you opt for as long as you get access to condoms and properly use them to practice safe sex with your partner.

There is a lot to keep in mind when applying a condom and it gets simpler with practice over time. For those who like to read instructions they might have seen these steps.

  1. Guys need to get the right condom size. In most cases condoms that are too tight or too loose tend to slip or break. Look up size charts and measure the circumference of the penis to see which condom is the best fit. (follow link to find your perfect condom size
  2. Check the expiration date on the pack of the condom before using. Never use expired condoms as their safety warranty is null and void.
  3. Check the package for any damage.
  4. Check the condom itself for any damage.
  5. When rolling the condom down the penis, leave room at the tip for semen and pinch the tip to prevent an air bubble from forming, which may burst the condom when you ejaculate.
  6. Once the condom is on the penis, smooth out any air bubbles along the shaft.
  7. Don’t store condoms in wallets or other tight places.
  8. Lack of lubrication is a major reason for condom breakage.
  9. Practice makes perfect. Try using a condom during self-pleasure time. This will give you plenty of test-runs for applying condoms.

It’s a shame that men might feel enough shame around their own lack of sex education that they would forego learning the essentials of safe sex. It’s never too late to educate yourself about safe sex practices.

Along with this short refresher guide, there are plenty of helpful, reputable resources online. This can help men get their bearings where the school system may have failed them.

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