Size doesn’t matter… Just know how to use it!

Penile size

Most men are more worried about their penile size and underestimate themselves in relation to the average size. However, this question has been asked so many times? Does size really matter??? The answer is NO…. It depends on how you use what you have. To have the best sexual experience it doesn’t have to be big. What matters the most is to maintain good sexual performance and focus on satisfaction of your partner. With an average size only, if you take good care of your sexual health you can maintain the best performance.

What is Sexual Stamina?

Sexual stamina refers to how long you can last in bed. For males, the average time between the sheets is anywhere from two to five minutes. For females it’s a bit longer, about 20 minutes before reaching orgasms. However, if you are not satisfied with how quickly you do the deed there are many tips you can try which will boost your stamina and improve your overall sexual performance. Healthy diet and exercises may also help to build up strength during sexual activity.

Don’t worry we can help you…

If you think you are not big enough or no longer good in the bedroom or can’t perform anymore we can assist you. There is no need to worry! You just need to think differently and know that there is help. You need to understand that you can get this fixed, as women would go out and get breast implants. In conclusion, Mens Clinic International deals with sexual problems that are related to Weak Erections, Early Ejaculation, Low Libido, STIs, Circumcision and Penile enlargement!

Physical ways to improve sexual stamina:

  • Monitor your blood pressure and heart health.
  • Begin practicing pelvic floor exercises, like Kegels.
  • Adopting healthy eating habits, lose weight or body fat.
  • Ensure you are getting the right amount of high quality sleep.

Mens Clinic International deals with any sexual problems that are related to Weak Erections, Early Ejaculation, Low Libido, STIs or Circumcision. Do get in touch with us to book a consultation with our professional doctors who specialise in Men’s Sexual Health.

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