Myths & Facts

There are a lot of misconceptions about erection problems or impotence and their treatment. We'll give you some of the facts & causes on the following pages.

M Not many men suffer from impotence.

F If you suffer from impotence, you're not alone. Over 52% of men between the age of 40 and 70 will suffer from this problem, and almost every man will suffer either a permanent or temporary erection problem at some time in there lives. And the worst part is, they often suffer needlessly.

M Once you're impotent, there's nothing you can do about it.

F Impotence can almost always be successfully treated by a doctor. Thousands of men have met with their doctor and are once again enjoying sex with confidence.

M It's all in your head.

F Actually, the majority of impotence cases are physical in nature, not psychological. Impotence is often a symptom of an underlying physical condition or a side effect of medication.

M 50% of men who are impotent see a doctor about their condition.

F The reality is, only 10% of men seek treatment for this condition. Many men have questions about impotence but are embarrassed or reluctant to speak with their doctors about this sensitive issue. This is a shame, because most men who do see qualified doctors are treated successfully.

M Impotence is a natural and irreversible part of aging.

F This is one of the biggest misconceptions about impotence. Today's treatments for impotence allow most men, regardless of age, to enjoy sex again.

M Impotence is a condition that you should keep to yourself.

F If you are suffering from impotence you should talk with your partner because it can put a serious strain on a relationship. And if the condition persists, you should see a doctor. Because impotence can often be the first symptom of an underlying physical problem.

M Impotence signifies a loss of manhood.

F Impotence usually is a symptom of an underlying physical problem and it does not signify a loss of manhood. What's more, most men can overcome impotence. Thousands of men are receiving treatment for this condition and enjoying satisfying sexual relationships again.