Why do men cheat?


Guys we know that, cheating is cheating, right? When you make a commitment to monogamy and then you break it, you’ve cheated? Are the specifics of what or how you conducted the act, with whom you did it with, and what you felt when you were doing it really matter?
Well, it is a yes and no situation as there are there basic categories of infidelity, and betrayed partners may or may not feel more deeply wounded depending on the type of cheating. Are you confused? Keep reading to find out more.


Sexploration is purely sexual cheating, with no emotional component. Usually this involves anonymous sex and/or casual hookups. You get off and go home. Sometimes cheaters who engage in this don’t even feel like they’ve cheated, because there was no emotional connection. Some examples of sexual cheating includes, sleeping with a prostitute.

In their mind, this sort of activity doesn’t affect their primary relationship at all. It’s roughly the equivalent of watching soccer with the gang, a trip to the casino, or going to the golf club—an activity that’s engaged in for fun, relaxation, or distraction.

Recurring booty calls.

Some cheaters have a sex partner (or several sex partners) that they see regularly but only when convenient. You know those ‘no strings attached’ type of relationships. Usually, these sexual partners are liked but not loved. In other words, there is friendship and hot sex but not any sort of deep emotional connection.

Yes, these relationships are ongoing, but they are still casual, based more on sex than anything else. Nearly always, both partners are fully aware that the sex is not in any way exclusive and that one or both of the partners is married or in some other type of serious, supposedly monogamous long-term relationship.

Emotionally connected affairs.

These are typically longer-term relationships in which the partners feel a deep emotional connection – love. Sometimes these relationships were never intended. The two parties were simply going about their business, being nice to people and making friends as they went, not worrying too much about those friendships because one or both were already in a committed relationship.

But somehow, over time, a platonic relationship that began in the workplace, on social media, in the neighbourhood, or wherever, unexpectedly blossomed into something more, and the line between innocent friendship and infidelity was crossed. Emotionally connected affairs can also be quite intentional, but much of the time they “just happen.”

What type of a cheater do you classify yourself as? Share your stories in the comments section.

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