Salty foods


Your sex life is influenced by your lifestyle and habits. Sexual function can sometimes be improved by changing our environment and what we do. However, if there is a list of foods to eat before having sex, there should also be a list of foods to avoid before having sex. Your sex drive depends on many aspects, including the kinds of foods you eat. Additionally, improving your nutrition or your lifestyle may help you achieve better sexual health. It has been shown that eating better may help some men with erectile dysfunction.


Healthy erections require healthy blood flow and blood pressure. Unfortunately, salty foods are bad for sexual health for several reasons like an increase in blood pressure when you eat this type of food. Furthermore, you need to avoid salty foods before sex, especially if you suffer from hypertension.


Processed foods are not recommended to maintain a healthy sex drive. However, if you eat red meat with lots of saturated fat, it may clog your arteries and give you long-term erectile issues. Additionally, eating too much fries, fried foods and fast foods may affect your sexual health.


Before sex, sweets, desserts and sugary foods should be avoided. The consumption of these foods may cause a sudden increase in insulin and may eventually lead to insulin resistance. Furthermore, the constant consumption of sweets, desserts, fast food and sugary foods may cause obesity, which may lower testosterone levels.

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