Erectile Dysfunction and a Healthy Lifestyle

Mens Clinic InternationalErectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects men at all stages of their lives. However, some men may experience it under the age of forty at some time and it can have the real effects on your mood, wellbeing and your relationships. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, this may be a sign that you also have high blood pressure (hypertension). High blood pressure is one source of common condition that can lead to restricted blood flow to the penis and impact your ability to achieve an erection.

What is the relationship between ED and High blood pressure?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction this can be a warning sign of high blood pressure or other chronic conditions. However, visit a doctor for your blood pressure and sugar check up. The two conditions are closely connected because they are both related to your health and circulatory system (amount of blood flow to the penis). Moreover, the good news is that erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure or diabetes are treatable.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Heart disease.
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis).
  • High cholesterol.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Excessive alcohol.

Change your lifestyle

You can make changes to your lifestyle by a healthy diet and also reduce the alcohol consumption. This may help you to treat erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure.

Things to do when changing your lifestyle

  • Eat low-salt diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol.
  • Avoid

Erectile dysfunction medications

Viagra is a medication that helps you to get and keep an erection, so it can make you last longer in bed if you are finding it difficult to stay erected during sex. However, Viagra does not help you last longer if you’re orgasming faster than you want to. Medication like viagra can often be taken safely at the same time as blood pressure medicines, but you should always consult your doctor before use.

Be careful before taking ED medications

You should exercise caution before taking viagra when you have been diagnosed with lower blood pressure, as the medication can cause a further drop in your blood pressure levels. Men who are suffering from low blood pressure should seek medical advice before taking Viagra. However, by adopting healthy habits as part of your lifestyle including a balanced diet, regular exercise and reduced alcohol can really help to get your blood pressure back to normal and get you back to enjoying stronger erections.Mens Clinic International deals with any sexual problems that are related to Weak Erections, Early Ejaculation, Low Libido, STIs or Circumcision. Do get in touch with us to book a consultation with our professional doctors who specialise in Men’s Sexual Health.Contact us now to find out more about Mens Clinic prices and the effects of weak erections. Or click here to book an appointment with one of our friendly doctors in your area.To read more about Erectile Dysfunction, click here.