Masturbation – 5 Good Reasons

Masturbation is an activity enjoyed by millions of men and women all around the world. It has survived centuries of bad mouthing and sometimes-hysterical denunciations for the simple reason that it feels good, produces positive results, is good for penis health, and, in most cases is harmless. While the rates of masturbation may vary from man to man, it is safe to say almost all guys masturbate at some time or another whether they freely admit it or not. Some guys find there are more reasons to masturbate than there are to not and we have listed a few good reasons below.

1) It just feels good. The number one reason of all reasons to masturbate is that it feels so good. Who would disagree that masturbation feels so awesome? Guys wouldn’t bother doing it if it didn’t and it wouldn’t be hard to quit once you have started. There is an absolute intense physical pleasure to the act of masturbation that it makes it so damn hard to resist. People don’t openly talk about their masturbation experiences because of the historical bad mouthing that has been painted to it. If you want to freely enjoy masturbation you have to let go of the guilt of feeling like you are doing something wrong.

2) It relieves stress. Each and every day the world is becoming a stressful place to live in. There is so much tension and anxiety making life difficult for many people. Masturbation can help relieve the everyday stress. When a guy takes matters into his hands, he releases chemicals which work to improve his mood and relieve some of the stressors he is experiencing – well at least temporarily. Although masturbation cannot reduce your stress level if after the act you feel guilty of doing it.

3) It’s an educational experience. The more sexual time a man spends alone, he gets to learn and understand his body, how it works, and what gives it pleasure. This is the information that can be valuable during sexual intercourse with a partner. When a man masturbates he knows exactly what angles and thrusts to use to provide more or less stimulation to his penis and can recognize further in advance the warning signs of approaching ejaculation so that he can take steps to hold off a little longer. Masturbation also teaches you to last longer in bed hence you should also have sexual intercourse with a partner.

4) It may aid sleep. Are you having a difficulty sleeping? Lack of sleep is one of the major problems for many people. For many men with sleep difficulties, masturbation can be just the thing to help you sleep. Most guys find themselves more relaxed and receptive to sleep after ejaculation. If you haven’t tried it yet, then come on get on with it.

5) It keeps the penis in better shape. The penis is not really a muscle, but it still needs to be exercised like one. The more activity a penis gets, the more “in shape” it stays. The well-masturbated penis gets the work-out it needs, and that helps it stay healthy for other bouts of sex. In addition, it is thought that increased sexual activity also increases testosterone production, which in turn helps with both the sex drive and the production of healthy sperm.

Of course, guys don’t need reasons to enjoy masturbation; they can just accept it and move on. Some people who worry about masturbation conflicting with their beliefs may experience feelings of guilt. It should be noted that masturbation is not immoral or wrong and self-pleasure is not shameful. Discuss this feelings with a sexual health professional to help you move past feelings of guilt or shame so you can enjoy your self-pleasure.

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